Bulk Our Disposable Wooden Coffee Stirrer

Ancheng takes pride in presenting our eco-friendly disposable wooden coffee stirrers, available in large quantities to meet your extensive catering and dining requirements. Our biodegradable coffee stirrers offer a sustainable and robust alternative to environmentally harmful plastic coffee stirrers for your upcoming events.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Stirrer

Ancheng wooden coffee stirrer is perfect for any cafe, restaurant, or home. It’s made of natural materials and is fully eco-friendly. The disposable wood stir sticks can also stir your tea or other drinks.

Disposable Wooden Coffee Stirrer Bulk

Ancheng's coffee stirrers are made from sustainable birch wood, they break down naturally and are an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic. Their lightweight yet durable design ensures they won't chip or warp, making them ideal for hot and cold drinks. Birch is a rapidly renewable resource and Ancheng combines sustainability with unrivaled quality.

What Are Wooden Coffee Stirrers?

Ancheng disposable wooden coffee stirrers are thin sticks of wood that are used to stir coffee or hot beverages. They are a popular alternative to plastic stirrers, which can be harmful to the environment. Our products are perfect for coffee lovers. They’re durable, reusable, and eco-friendly. You can use them to stir your coffee or drink without worrying about contaminating the beverage.

Production Process

Our disposable wooden coffee stirrers are made of wood, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. They’re safe to use and won’t contaminate your drink like plastic stirrers. We only use materials that meet a certain standard of quality in our products, so you can be sure that you'll get your money's worth when you purchase our disposable wooden coffee stirrers!

Steaming Steaming
Cutting Cutting
Slicing Slicing
Forming Forming
Drying Drying
Polishing Polishing
Selection Selection
Packaging Packaging

Advantages Of Ancheng Disposable Wooden Spoons

Ancheng products are of high quality and are perfect for any occasion.  They come at a competitive price, making it easy for you to make the switch to an eco-friendly alternative. Make the smart choice and choose Ancheng Disposable cutlery for your next event or everyday use. You'll be making a difference for the environment and your wallet.

Environmental friendly                                                               
Environmental friendly: Coffee stirrers made of wood are a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option than those made of plastic, and they also won't taint your beverage.
High quality                                                               
As a result of the Ancheng disposable wooden coffee stirring stick having no burrs and no peculiar smell, it is perfectly suitable for use with any kind of hot beverage. In addition to this, it is very tough and difficult to crack.
Competitive price                                                               
We are available in a variety of affordable sizes, and shapes, allowing you to use them to match any branding or color scheme.

Environmental Benefits

Our disposable wooden coffee stirrers are the perfect addition to your coffee shop or café. Made from recycled wood, it's safe for the environment and your customers. They're also great for the environment because they don't end up in a landfill like other disposable products.

Manufacturer Manufacturer
Wooden Chips Wooden Chips
Wooden Cutlery Wooden Cutlery
Birch Wood Forest Birch Wood Forest
Compost Compost
Degradation Degradation
Production Process
Environmental Benefits

Customized Service

We offer a wide range of services, including individualized designs for packaging, and logos. Restaurants, caterers, airlines, and mobile food vendors looking for environmentally friendly supplies will love our disposable wooden coffee stirrers.

Customized Service

Benefits Section

Ancheng's coffee stirrers are made from sustainable birch wood, they break down naturally and are an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic. Their lightweight yet durable design ensures they won't chip or warp, making them ideal for hot and cold drinks. Birch is a rapidly renewable resource and Ancheng combines sustainability with unrivaled quality.

Wooden Coffee Stirrer

Are you looking for the perfect wooden coffee stirrer at the best price? Don’t worry! We have everything you need.

We’ve produced thousands of wooden coffee stirrers in different sizes and ensure that our products are of the highest quality at competitive prices. Our 10-year experience backs our talk.

How is A Wooden Coffee Stirrer Manufactured?

Have you ever wondered how your wooden coffee stirrer is manufactured? It’s simple.

The first thing we do is to choose the right wood for the process, and we consider this step the most important one. Any mistake from here on can affect our product quality, and we don’t want that.

Several wood types can make your coffee stirrer, but we go for birch and bamboo, especially birch. We love this wood because it’s durable, easy to process, and can withstand extended use.

After we choose and store the wood, the next step is to cut the wood with a machine and remove the bark. Then, we cut the wood into thin long sticks before the final processing. For this part, we use advanced techniques to create the wholesale wooden coffee stirrer with the right finish.

Is Wooden Coffee Stirrer Eco-Friendly?

Of course, our wooden coffee stirrer is eco-friendly and totally safe for use. Since they are biodegradable, they decompose and add nutrients to the soil. You wouldn’t want them to compound in landfills and pollute the environment now, would you?

Will Wooden Coffee Stirrer Decompose?

Yes, the wooden coffee stirrer will decompose because it’s made from wood, a natural material. When you dispose of it, it decomposes between 90 and 180 days and enriches the soil.

What Type of Wood Are Coffee Stirrers Made of?

We produce our wooden coffee stirrer with birchwood and bamboo because these woods are not only available all over the world (so replenishing it won’t be an issue), but their surface is perfect for smoothening and carving. They also resist moisture easily, so you won’t have to worry about soaking up any type of liquid.

Are Wooden Coffee Stirrers Compostable?

Yes, the wood coffee stirrer is compostable. Why? Because they’re biodegradable materials made from wood materials. Even when you buy the bulk disposable wooden coffee stirrer, it will all compost at the same rate.

Can You Wash a Wooden Coffee Stirrer?

You can wash a wooden coffee stirrer, but you shouldn’t do that under any circumstance. One significant reason why people love the wooden coffee stirrer is the assurance that it won’t contain toxins. Washing it can wear it out and cause it to split or crack.

What should you do in this case? Buy the wholesale wooden coffee stirrer, so you always have what to use when you discard your current coffee stirrer.

How Long Are Wooden Coffee Stirrers?

We produce our wooden coffee stirrers in different lengths and sizes to fit our customers’ demands. The length could be anywhere between 5.5 to 7.5 inches or higher, depending on what you want.

Is a Wooden Coffee Stirrer Better than a Plastic One?

A wooden coffee stirrer is better than the plastic one for obvious reasons. Firstly, wooden coffee stirrers are eco-friendly and don’t damage the environment in any way.

Once they decompose, they go back into the soil to nourish it.

Remember that wood is a renewable resource, so these nutrients form the fertile ground for more birchwood to grow, and the cycle continues. The same doesn’t apply to plastic stirrers.

Furthermore, the manufacturing of wooden coffee stirrers needs minimal chemical processing, but the reverse is the case for plastic stirrers. Also, using wooden coffee stirrers prevent you from worrying about drink contamination or peculiar smells. Everything will be fresh and natural, just as you like it!



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