Business Service

Pre-sale service

We will respond to your inquiry within one hour and send you a quote within 18 hours.

Provide free samples

We will offer you packaging and product advice based on your target market.

Conduct pertinent testing on the product in accordance with your specifications.

In-sale service

In-sale service

Professional designers will create your labels, printed boxes, and outer boxes.

In-sale service

From the moment the order goes into effect, we will provide you with regular updates on the order's status, including images and videos of each link, until the items are completed. You may oversee our entire production process.

In-sale service

Inspect the products before to delivery and provide you with an inspection report for review.

After-sale service


Continue to monitor the ETA for you and keep you updated on any new information. Assist you in receiving the goods as quickly as possible.


Based on your sales position, make a follow-up buying plan and a schedule for delivery.


Based on the need of your market, we can recommend new items to help you expand your market share.


Provide an annual industrial report to help you learn more about the global market.

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