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Professional staff is responsible for ensuring the manufacture of high-quality products at Ancheng, including management, design, and quality control.

Jack Wang

The founder of Ancheng

The creator of Ancheng, Jack Wang, has more than 20 years of expertise in the bamboo and wood sectors and has failed in business before. Because of this, he knows more about the bamboo and wood industries and is committed to the research and development of sustainable tableware as well as the ongoing refinement of products that are good for modern catering.

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Sven Wang

General Manager

As general manager of Ancheng subsidiary Hefei Craft, Sven Wang is in charge of the company's sales outside of China. Craft focuses on providing clients with convenient, cost-effective disposable dinnerware and related services.

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Meet The Team Behind

Tim Cheng

Sales Director

He has been a member of the company's core management for eight years. He insists on using market and customer needs as a basis for the company's sustainable development strategy.

Sherry Tu

Sales Manager

She has been with the company for six years, is good at hiring team members, is good at managing teams, is good at breaking down goals, and getting the team excited, and has led his team to victory in PK many times.

 Aaron Zhang

Director of Sales

As the top salesperson at the company and someone who has worked there for five years, he has professional business skills and can match clients with the right products. He is also careful and kind when it comes to customer service, which has earned him praise from his clients.

Lena Yin

Sales Supervisor

She has been with the company for five years and is a great example of efficiency, dedication, and loyalty. Customers have praised her for her high level of professionalism. Excellent at empowering people within the team, eager to share, and a manager of the team with high potential.

Ater Wang

Product Manager

Served the company for 6 years, good at researching products, and has an in-depth understanding of product raw materials and production process. Ater has led product development projects that have been well received in the market and is able to respond quickly to the market and provide competitive and customer-friendly products.

Mei Cai

Marketing Manager

Three years of service to the company, adept at analyzing the environment and consumption patterns of various markets, providing accurate product and price strategies based on market characteristics and preferences, and providing strong support for the company's product planning and sales strategies.

Lei Zhang

Design Manager

Controlling the company's overall visual presentation, skilled in 3D modeling, rendering, and animation, and possessing solid professional design abilities.

Wei King


He worked for the company for 9 years and gave Ancheng a set of standard procedures for managing quality. He isn't afraid to pick apart the quality flaws of suppliers and suggests good ways to fix them so that the quality of products is kept under tight control.


We recognize the significance of developing cohesive staff groupings. We encourage teamwork and collaboration inside our organization and give our staff with the necessary skills and resources for success. We think that by investing in our staff, we will be able to increase the quality of our products and services and provide superior customer service.

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