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Disposable tableware design

Ancheng is home to some of the best engineers and designers in the company. All of us here are dedicated to giving you what you want, innovating for you, and increasing our market share. We figure out what you need based on the context of your applications and your own ideas for improvement. Then, we use our manufacturing knowledge to make answers that are just right for you.

Disposable tableware design

“ We are responsible for turning your ideas into reality “

Convert your ideas into design                
                drawing in 1 day

Convert your ideas into design                   
drawing in 1 day


You can share what you think and talk to engineers about the idea's viability and usefulness.

Painting preliminary design sketches

Based on the design concept, the expert design team draws out the basic shape of the product.

Mold design within 7 days


After looking into your design and idea, we will talk to the mold factory about making the mold to our exact specifications.

Mold design within 7 days
Mold design within 7 days Mold design within 7 days

Mold design within 7 days

1 ) Preliminary sample

Using a custom mold, a first sample will be made for you to check and decide if it meets your needs.  

2 ) Modification and completion

If the sample needs to be adjusted, we will change or adjust the mold based on your instructions, and then we will make the sample again until you are happy with it.

Disposable tableware packaging design

Ancheng has a team of skilled engineers and designers who work closely with customers to find out what they need and come up with ways to meet those needs. We can turn ideas into design drawings quickly and finish mold design in a short amount of time. Along with making samples quickly, the team can also make any changes that are needed until the client is happy.

Get your own design

It all began with a design brief

Regardless of whether you operate as a wholesaler or a retailer, we have a package that will work for you.

Polybag+ Label
Polybag + Headcard
Paper Box
Paper Box + PET Lid
Display Box
Shrink Package
Individual Package
It all began with a design brief

Customer Ideas

Customer Ideas

Understanding the customer's wants and expectations for the package

Identifying packaging elements such as box shape, logo, color, and material, among others.

Providing professional suggestions for discussion.

Turn ideas into sketches

An expert design team and printer will turn your concept into sketches.

Together with the customer, discuss and modify the artwork to improve it.

According to the customer's specifications, adjust and alter the design's primary component.

Sampling and Production

Creating an e-proof for the client when confirming all of the box's details.

After confirming the proof, send out samples within seven days.

When a sample is rejected, correct the sample. For instance, color, material, or printing effect.

Commence mass production upon confirmation of the sample.

Your burning package design FAQs questions answered.

I'm afraid that my design/idea was divulged during customization, what can you do about this issue?

We can sign a non-disclosure agreement with each other.

Can mold costs be refunded?

It depends on your mass order quantity, it's refundable when your order quantity is large enough.

How long will it take to make the sample of custom packing?

A week after confirming print proofs.

Can you help with the design?

Yes, supply your company logo and text. We have professional designers, and if you tell us what you want, we will design it for you for free.

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