About our factory

Twenty years ago, the Shucheng County Ancheng Bamboo and Wood Handicraft Factory began producing disposable bamboo and wooden tableware. The factory is in Lu'an City, Anhui Province, China. It is close to the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo. Our factory is a full-service business that includes production, marketing, after-sales service, and export trading. It makes more than $30 million a year and is still growing.

“ Natural Tableware, Better Environment ”

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Jack Wang

The founder of Ancheng

The creator of Ancheng, Jack Wang, has more than 20 years of expertise in the bamboo and wood sectors and has failed in business before. Because of this, he knows more about the bamboo and wood industries and is committed to the research and development of sustainable tableware as well as the ongoing refinement of products that are good for modern catering. “ nature tableware, nature home”

Sven Wang

General Manager

As general manager of Ancheng subsidiary Hefei Craft, Sven Wang is in charge of the company's sales outside of China. Craft focuses on providing clients with convenient, cost-effective disposable dinnerware and related services. “Ancheng-your best nature tableware supplier in China”

Our Mission

Our mission is “Natural Tableware, Better Environment." Our eco-friendly disposable tableware aim to create a cleaner, more sustainable world. Even small actions can improve our world. By choosing our eco-friendly products, you actively promote a better planet.

Achieve employees

Protect the earth: Use natural plant materials instead of plastic, cut down on pollution, and work together to protect our ecological home. 

Serve customers

Promote a green lifestyle: Use green original tableware to get people interested in living a low-carbon life.

Contribute to society

Social responsibility: The factory has set up a station to help poor people get jobs and get out of poverty.

Sustainability and        
Environmental Friendly


Our eco-friendly bamboo and wooden disposable cutlery products are a great alternative to traditional plastic disposables as they effectively reduce direct harm to the environment. Not only are they better for our health but can be composted directly in the field because they are made from natural, untreated materials.

Reducing the usage of disposable plastics

Our eco products have successfully replaced plastic disposables with bamboo and wood tableware to reduce direct harm to the environment and the lovely lives on our planet.

Plant Based inexpensive

Bamboo and wood products are better for our health and can be composted directly in the field because they are made from natural, untreated materials.


The market for easily replaceable consumer goods is fierce. Customers' market share can be affected by both price and quality. Our bamboo and wood products not only meet all of our customers' needs for protecting the environment, but they also give them a price and quality advantage in the market.


We only use raw materials that come from responsibly sourced forests in all of our products. which meant that it was safe for the planet. and the situation is under complete management.

Our success stories

Our success stories

What services can we provide

Business service

Ancheng gives quick responses, free samples of products, and personalized advice on how to design products and packaging. We keep our clients in the loop from the beginning of production until the final delivery. We also make suggestions for new products and put out annual reports on the industrial market.

Customized Service

Ancheng's expert design team can cater to your many different requirements. We can turn ideas into design drawings quickly and finish mold design in a short amount of time. Along with making samples quickly, the team can also make any changes that are needed until the client is happy.

Shipping Service

We can offer you the optimal solution. We want to provide you with the best service possible when it comes to shipping your products. We have long-term relationships with many freight companies, such as MSK, APL, OOCL, COSCO, DHL, UPS, and so on. Whether you need to ship your product by sea, air, or land, we can help you figure out the best way to do it.

What certifications/patents do we hold

Exhibition Experience

We often go to trade fairs, seminars, and workshops to learn about the latest developments in the disposable wooden and bamboo cutlery market. These events allow us to network with other professionals in our business, learn about new technologies and practices, and stay abreast of industry developments.

2023.2.3- 2023.2.7 Frankfurt Consumer Goods Fair

Frankfurt Consumer Goods Fair


Frankfurt,Ambiente Frankfurt

2023.2.26-2023. 3.1 Las Vegas Consumer Goods Show

Las Vegas Consumer Goods Show



Canton Fair

Canton Fair


Guangzhou,Canton Fair





Chicago Hospitality Show

Chicago Hospitality Show


Chicago,NRA SHOW

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