Eco vs PLA

Ancheng Philosophy On Disposable Eco-friendly Tableware

Ancheng knows how important it is to choose the best raw materials for our disposable tableware that is good for the environment. Because of this, we are determined to use only the best and most eco-friendly products we can find. Our goods are manufactured from pure, natural, biodegradable materials like bamboo and wood that are not only safe and healthy for you and your visitors but also eco-friendly.

Ancheng Certification

We've been able to meet the strict requirements of quality systems like BRC, ISO 9001, FSC, LFGB, DGCCRF, and FDA. Additionally, we are able to work together with clients to conduct the appropriate product testing.

Eco vs PLA

Do you dislike using single-use plastic cutlery that pollutes our oceans and ends up in landfills? Ancheng's high-quality, disposable bamboo and wood cutlery is a solution. Our cutlery is an environmentally responsible and sustainable option for a variety of events because it is made from renewable and biodegradable materials.

The purpose of the         
origin of the material
Protecting Environment Protecting Environment Protecting Environment Protecting Environment
Compostable No Industrial compost Biodegradable Naturally Biodegradable Naturally
Price Standard Low Mid Low High
Strong and shatter         
Ok Good Good Good
Color Unnatural Unnatural Natural Natural
Heat resistance Ok Good Good Good

What is PLA

A bioplastic known as PLA, or polylactic acid, is created from renewable materials like sugarcane or maize starch. Although it can be composted, it is slow to biodegrade and cannot be mixed with other plastics for recycling.

Our wood and bamboo cutlery is not only more environmentally friendly than PLA, but it is also more practical and long-lasting. Our items may be used for a variety of foods, including both hot and cold dishes, and are strong and durable enough.


Easy to 3D print

Safe for use in applications such as food containers and medical devices

Comes with a wide range of composite and color options to provide different properties and appearances


Limited heat resistance

Slow degradation speed

Limited recycling options

What is wood

Ancheng is better for the environment and lasts longer than non-renewable materials like plastic because it is made from trees that grow quickly. Wood is a strong and durable material that breaks down naturally and can be used as disposable cutlery. It is a flexible material for disposable cutlery because it can be shaped into many different types of cutlery.


Wood Chips



Product process

First, the machine steams the wood at a high temperature to increase its hardness, and then the wood is chopped and pressed with a cutting machine. The tableware is then dried and polished to make sure it is in perfect shape when it gets to the customer.

What is Bamboo

The one-inch-per-week growth rate of bamboo is more favorable to environmental conservation. Bamboo is a renewable resource, just like wood, which makes it a more eco-friendly and long-lasting material than things like plastic.


Bamboo Chips



Product process

Similar to wooden tableware, bamboo tableware requires steaming, spinning, and shaping. After a number of procedures, the packaging is subject to stringent quality tests, and we can tailor it to meet the needs of the customer.

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