Disposable eco-friendly bamboo tableware

Since our company's inception, sustainability has been a central value. In recent years, we are pleased to have expanded our market with sustainability in mind. We have developed biodegradable disposable tableware made of bamboo and wood, which is popular with customers.

“Insist on sustainability is our company's integrated efforts, so that the product ultimately returns to nature.”

- Sven Wang


When selecting raw materials, we consider both what is locally available and the legality principle. Our wood is FSC-certified, providing vital assurance for our raw material supply.


We use local resources to grow and harvest bamboo, which we use to make our bamboo tableware. Bamboo can also grow in a shorter amount of time.


Moreover, we are expanding our product selection. We made wheat straw, reed straw, and other things in northern China by using materials that were already there.

We aim to maintain sustainable development through continued efforts and growth, and to increase our societal contributions in the process.

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