The Shape of the Spoon Needs to Be Customized



An Italian client wanna use a disposable wooden spoon instead of plastic.  
They require the wooden spoon to suit their automatic distribution machine, which means the spoon needs to be customized in shape.


1)According to the current plastic spoon sample, our designer drafted the spoon 3D drawing in 1 day.  
2)Create a new machine mold to cut and press the spoon in 7 days.  
3)Start 1st sample production and finish the sample in 7 days.


The client received and tested the 1st sample, but the result failed. Because the spoon needs to be spun in the distribution machine, that caused spoon cracks during spinning.

How we did it

Adjust the spoon thickness and curvature 5 times, and made 5 batches of samples.  
The 5th sample passed the client’s test and meet the client's requirements.

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