Customization of Wooden Tableware



Amazon customer, needs a custom box to pack wooden cutlery. The customer needs a box with double-sided printing. Clear white printing is required on corrugated paper boxes. Use multiple printing processes to complete customer requirements.

To get ready

1) Provide the layout of the box and the initial design for customer reference.   
2) Provide detailed pictures of product placement to customers to confirm whether the packaging size is appropriate.   
3) Prepare samples of boxes for customer reference within 7 days. 

Problems encountered

1) The client's designer spends a lot of time on designing.   
2) The printed color of the first batch of box samples was made according to Pantone No. provided by the customer, but the color was different from the desired effect after mixing with the background color.   
3) The way packaging is placed consumes a lot of time.

How to solve

1) Assisted by our designer team to complete the design.   
2) Adjust the color number according to the actual condition of the background color, and print several times. To achieve the desired effect of the client.   
3) Simplify the isolation board used in packaging, convenient for workers to pack and save costs.

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