Customization of Wooden Spoons



500pcs wooden spoons packed in one custom printing inner box, length not exceeding 23.5cm, width not exceeding 11cm, height not exceeding 19cm; 
3 boxes are put in one customized display carton, length not exceeding 33cm, width not exceeding 24cm, height not exceeding 19cm, and a dotted line on the carton to tear it open.

To get ready

1. Checking the box and display carton size to fit these wooden spoons, also meet customer requirements for dimensions. 
2. Provide spoon pictures and blank drawings of the box to the customer to design artwork on it. 
3. After receiving artwork from the customer, make a sample box to check color printing and dimension. 
4. When everything is ok, start production for the bulk order box.

Problems encountered

1. Problem: As customer needs to put these boxes and display cartons in the pallet and try to max use space, but according to our normal package, still many spaces left. 
Solution: Based on the specific size of the box and display carton, we try many times to change the placement of spoons and display cartons on pallets to find the best way to max use space.

2. Problem: After 1st sample was made, we find the inner box size did not actually meet customer requirements, 500pcs spoons can not fit in the box, also the box thickness is not good. 
Solution: share feedback and discuss with customer, and then revise and remake sample box again till ok.

3. Problem: When making a sample of the display carton, we found that the dotted line is easily opened after packing. 

How to solve

Talk with the factory about this packaging problem, and improve the process on it.

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