Custom Big Spoon



The Customer wants to be more competitive in the market and has given their feedback to us, so we are looking for a solution to create a new spoon together to help the customer.


To help customer to be competitive, it needs a unique design to catch the requirements of the market, stable quality, and reasonable price to support customer, so how to make this drawing come into a real item will be a challenge for us.


After checking the customer’s design, talking with the mold partner, and discussing with our production manager, we have provided some suggestions for our customer and made adjustments together, finally, we have made the first samples together.

How we did it

1. Communication: Fully understood the customer’s requirements and made adjustments to the design and drawing with the customer’s confirmation.  
2. Team working: Professional sales and design team to help the customer make their thoughts into a drawing and provide professional suggestions for the customer to adjust it together.  
3. Consistent adjustment by sampling: When confirmed the drawing details, there has a lot of work for making mold and adjustment when making samples and finding how to make it be the most economical way to make production. If the sample is rejected, a free sampling process will be started, until we have received confirmation from a customer about the quality and shape.  
4. Uniformity: After confirmation of samples, mass production will be started when received orders, and the mass production will be the same as the samples we sent, to help customers to be unique and competitive.

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