Disposable Wooden Cutlery

Ancheng is a wooden cutlery manufacturer in China. We manufacture eco-friendly wooden utensils and bamboo utensils. We support wholesale and custom services.

Eco-Friendly Disposable Wooden Cutlery

Ancheng disposable wooden utensils are made from 100% natural wood, an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Our production process uses both traditional and modern methods to ensure that we are creating top-quality products that are both durable and beautiful.

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As a wooden tableware manufacturer with 15 years of production experience, we have our own product development team. Every year, we develop 2-3 copyrighted tableware designs. After so many years of accumulation, our wooden tableware styles are already very diverse and can meet various occasions' needs.

Custom Branding and Sample Packs

Want your disposable tableware brand to stand out among competitors? Our professional design team can help you customize your models. We can laser print your brand directly onto the tableware, and we also support various techniques such as embossing and screen printing.

Yes, we support free sample trials! If you are interested in our products, apply now!

Production Process

Ancheng is one of the leading Chinese wooden cutlery manufacturers, with over 20 years of experience. We use professional methods that have been perfected over decades to produce our wooden tableware. Our 8 production stages include the following:

Steaming Steaming
Cutting Cutting
Forming Forming
Drying Drying
Polishing Polishing
Selection Selection
Pressing Pressing
Packaging Packaging

Advantages Of Ancheng Disposable Wooden Cutlery

Ancheng products are of high quality and are perfect for any occasion.  They come at a competitive price, making it easy for you to make the switch to an eco-friendly alternative. Make the smart choice and choose Ancheng Disposable cutlery for your next event or everyday use. You'll be making a difference for the environment and your wallet.

Environmental friendly                                                                                                                       
Our products are made from 100% natural wood, which is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled.
High quality                                                                                                                       
Ancheng disposable wooden cutlery will last one year with proper maintenance. They are made from high-quality wood that doesn’t break easily and is more durable than plastic utensils.
Competitive price                                                                                                                       
Ancheng disposable wooden cutlery is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The prices of our goods are more reasonable compared to those of similar products on the market.

Environmental Benefits

Our disposable wooden spoons are the perfect addition to any occasion. Ancheng believes in responsible living, and that includes reducing pollution by using products that can be reused or composted.

Manufacturer Manufacturer
Wooden Chips Wooden Chips
Wooden Cutlery Wooden Cutlery
Birch Wood Forest Birch Wood Forest
Compost Compost
Degradation Degradation
Production Process
Environmental Benefits

Custom Branding and Sample Packs

Want your disposable tableware brand to stand out among competitors? Our professional design team can help you customize your models. We can laser print your brand directly onto the tableware, and we also support various techniques such as embossing and screen printing.

Yes, we support free sample trials! If you are interested in our products, apply now!

Customized Service

What type of wood is used for our wooden cutlery?

Sustainability - Birch is a renewable, fast-growing resource, making birch an environmentally friendly material.

Strength - With its dense grain, birch is quite strong and durable compared to some other wood types.his allows birch cutlery to maintain its integrity through everyday use.

Lightweight - Birch is fairly lightweight compared to hardwoods, which makes birch flatware comfortable to hold and use.

Insulation - Birch wood is a poor conductor of heat. This helps birch dinnerware provide insulation for hot and cold foods.

Split Resistant - The fine grain of birch makes it less likely to splinter than some woods. Birch flatware can be sanded smooth to remove splinters.

Appearance - Birch's light color and smooth grain give the cutlery an aesthetic appeal.

Biodegradable - Birch wood is naturally biodegradable, which means that birch dinnerware can be broken down in landfills or commercial composting.

Affordable - Birch is a common wood, making birch tableware an affordable disposable option compared to some other wood types.

Flexible MOQ helps you start your Bussiness

Our minimum order policy is very flexible if you don't have special customization needs for your wooden flatware. As a wooden cutlery manufacturer with 15 years of experience, we have served Starbucks, Costco, Tesco, Woolworths, Metro, Rewe Center, and other large corporations. We have very mature production experience.


Disposable Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer

Are you looking for the best disposable wooden cutlery manufacturer? Look no further! You’re in the right place.

We’ve produced high-quality disposable wooden cutlery that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly, ranging from single wooden cutlery like spoons and forks to disposable wooden and bamboo cutlery sets ,with over ten years of experience to back our talk.

How are Wooden Cutlery Manufactured?

Several types of wooden cutlery exist, and they’re beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly. But before talking about how wooden cutlery is manufactured, you have to consider what type of materials the disposable wooden cutlery manufacturer uses in the process.

As you probably know, wood is the significant material in this process, so the type of wood you use matters a lot. That’s why it’s super important to choose the right eco-friendly cutlery manufacturers that will know the appropriate wood to use and steps to take.

Look at the wood’s texture. Some wood can be thick or thin, soft or hard, so the manufacturer must choose appropriate wood for different cutlery.

Birch and bamboo are the two major wood materials most manufacturers use to produce wooden cutlery, especially birch. This wood is easy to process, very durable, has an excellent cut surface, and doesn’t wear out with prolonged use.

After the wood is chosen and stored, the disposable wooden cutlery manufacturer processes wood by cutting it with a machine and peeling the bark off the surface. Then, they take that bark and carefully machine it into rolls, then use a pressing machine to shape it into whatever cutlery they want.

After they shape the wood, is it ready for use? Not yet. Remember that the manufacturer is dealing with wet wood, so they have to dry it in a drying machine and smoothen the edges by grinding it consistently.

Right now, what they have is the semi-finished product. They have to sort through the piles, collect the good ones, and bag them. Finally, they pass these products through a high-temperature molding machine to get the finished product, and voila! Your wooden cutlery is ready for use.

Make no mistake; before any product is packaged and shipped out, the manufacturer carefully vets and inspects it to ensure quality.

The wooden cutlery is also coated with food grade max and given some surface treatment. These processes don’t affect the cutlery’s natural state, even when disposed of. It will simply decompose.

Is Disposable Wooden Cutlery Safe?

Yes, it is. One significant reason why people choose wooden cutlery is the assurance that they’re free from any form of toxins and have no sharp edges that may affect children. That’s why eco-friendly cutlery manufacturers go through great lengths to vet the quality of their products.

Is Wooden Cutlery Eco-Friendly?

Wooden cutlery is totally eco-friendly because there is little to no chemical processing, and it’s biodegradable. Plus, it uses wood, which is a renewable resource.

What Wood is Used for Wooden Cutlery?

There are several wood varieties that the disposable cutlery manufacturer can use to produce wooden cutlery, but the ones we use are birch and bamboo.

Both woods are strong, easily shaped or pliable, lightweight, biodegradable, and physically attractive. Plus, birchwood resists moisture so well and accepts whatever coatings are placed on them.

How are Disposable Wooden Spoons Made?

We make disposable wooden spoons from the same process we outline above. The only difference is that we use the pressing machine to reshape the wood into a spoon.

Can You Wash and Reuse Compostable Cutlery?

Yes, you can use our compostable cutlery more than once before disposing of them.

If you want to wash and reuse the cutlery, wash by hand because we can’t assure you that your dishwasher wouldn’t damage it, even though we create our products to resist or withstand high heat.

How Long Does Compostable Cutlery Take to Decompose?

It depends on the type of wood the manufacturer uses, really. But compostable cutlery takes about 180 days or less to decompose. You know that’s way better than plastics that decompose in 200 years.

Is Disposable Wooden Cutlery Better than Plastic?

Yes, disposable wooden cutlery is far better than plastic because the manufacturing process does little to no harm to the environment. Eco-friendly cutlery manufacturers use natural materials to make their products to reduce the negative environmental impact.

Can You Use Olive Oil on Wooden Cutlery?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Olive oil is a food-based oil that doesn’t dry on wood. It can stick to your wooden cutlery and discolor them beyond repair. Also, the oil makes the cutlery develop a funny smell over time. Do you want that? No, you don’t.

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